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Power Bands are much stronger and durable than other commonly used resistance bands. Power bands can be used for strength and power training, speed and agility training, jumping and plyometric exercises, flexibility, and joint mobility.



Whether you are beginning your fitness journey or are an expert in the gym Power Bands are the
perfect way to easily train multiple body parts at home. Easily store them away and take up no
space, and get them out for a full-body resistance workout.
●Band thickness determines the resistance
●Seamless latex rubber
●Very durable
●Can be used with Olympic / Hex and EZ Bars
●Anchor attachments on Power Racks
●Can be used on their own or with free weights
●Black – 101mm
●Blue – 64mm
●Green – 44mm
●Orange – 83mm
●Purple – 28mm
●Red – 13mm