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Pec Fly/Rear Delt


comprehensive solution for fitness facilities where
space, budget or both are limited. Featuring 8 dual
/ multi-functional strength stations, the Dual range
can provide a versatile strength training area for a
wide range of facilities including boutique studios,
hotels and fire stations.

This space efficient, dual functional machine allows
users to isolate the pectorals and rear deltoids
through a choice of pec or rear delt flys. The
adjustable start position, dual handles and narrow
back support make it easy for users to position
themselves optimally for the exercise selected.


Technical Specification

Rating – Full Commercial

Weight Stack – Colour co-ordinated 113kg weight stack with a magnetic weight stack pin

Instructions – Integrated instruction placard to illustrate start / finish position together with used muscles

Adjustments -Adjustable Seat / Back / Pressing Arm

Upholstery – High-density poly-foam pads for user comfort

Shroud – Integrated translucent PVC shroud to the rear of the weight stack

Tubing – 2.5 mm thick / 50 mm x 100 mm oval tubing

Product Weight – 107kg / 236lbs

Assembled Dimensions – L 136 x W 122 x H 206 cm – L 53.5 x W 48 x H 81 inches