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Black Rubber Bumper Olympic Plates

from €24.00

Product Features
Durable design for heavy-duty weight lifting
Rubber coating protects equipment and floors
Rubber coating protects against rust
Rubber coating reduces impact noise
Stainless steel inner ring allows for effortless loading on and off Olympic bars
Minimal maintenance required
Weights available:
5, 10, 15, 20 and 25kg
Note: Price is per plate, not sold in Pairs. Black Rubber Bumper Olympic Plates should always be
used on a quality platform to maximize the life of the bumpers and bars.



Solid, dependable, and fantastic value, our Black Rubber Bumper Plates are designed to withstand
repeated dropping making them ideal for Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit, and other heavy-duty
weightlifting environments. Bumper plates are solid rubber plates with an iron hub in the center to
shape and preserve the center hole. They are made for dropping from as high as overhead, for the
unsullied-and-jerk and snatch, the two Olympic hoists done at weightlifting competitions, the Olympic
Games, and Crossfit Games. These are not rubber coated plates, which are made mostly of cast iron
and are merely coated on the outside with rubber to preserve them, cut noise, and preserve any
equipment they are leaned up against.

The rubber that these plates are made with is very thick, ie: a high shore durometer rating, which for
bumper plates we quantify on the Shore A scale. Not like car tires, which are comparatively soft.
These generally have a dead-blow bounce, just enough to provide scarcely of cushion but only
bounce an inch or so, depending on the flooring.

Rubber Bumper Plates are safer. They can be safely dropped from overhead with little to no menace of damaging the floor, platform, bar, plates, or those standing around and the lifter themselves. Rubber Bumper is ideal for doing heavy lifting such as deadlifts, cleans, and snatches as they can be safely dropped if the weight is too heftily ponderous for the lifter. They offer workout flexibility. A variety of exercises and training styles can be done utilizing bumper plates. Rubber Bumper Plates are muter than traditional steel plates making them better for commercial gym utilization as they don’t cling together when hoisted and they don’t make anabundance of noise when dropped.